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The Future of Learning

Paradise School Goa A multi award-winning SOLE Cambridge School  

Paradise School has emerged as a true leader in the field of international education in India by revolutionising teaching models. It has garnered multiple accolades and awards since its inception celebrating its fresh approach to learning and outstanding exam results. Paradise School is an educational vision of the future.


Our educational vision is unique



Internet Based

‘Paradise School is different. They use Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs) to ‘outdoctrinate’ children from industrial age methods of an obsolete, and often colonial, education.

Instead, Spontaneous Order, the basis of all natural creation, becomes the platform for children’s learning. What this results in are children capable of dealing with questions to which no one knows the answers. Children who can deal with the unimaginable futures that await us’.

Dr Sugata Mitra

"When you walk into the school you shouldn’t be sure if this is a tech start up, think tank or co-working hub."

Shilpa Mehta
CEO & Founder

“If we want children to learn, we assume that they must be taught. But there is a different way. If you allow groups of children to self-organise, then the learning emerges naturally on its own.”

Dr. Sugata Mitra

Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLE)

Educational Scientist