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Frequently Asked Questions

We were very keen to take a modern approach and do the best thing by our kids. Cambridge is a wonderful board, with great innovation and support of children’s real and dynamic learning. But it is still an exam driven board. We wanted children to be able to take exams confidently and without fear. By mapping SOLE to the curriculum we allow space in children’s learning to be free and unboundaried – a place where they can genuinely discover, which is the whole point of education. With that love and lack of fear when it comes to learning, exams are just a step along the journey – not the whole stress and focus. We have actually found the combination to be a winning one.

Our exam pass rate at IGCSE currently stands at 97% from A Star to C. We took on the A Level programme in April 2020, and for our first batch of AS results scored 9 A, 9 B, 1 C.

We have a wide range of children at our school from all over the world and all over India. We are genuinely an international community.

Yes. The adjustment can take time, however. It’s better it’s done as young as possible because then children have not become set in their ways. Intellectual freedom can seem scary at first, and somehow ‘wrong’. But we show our learners how to be brave.

We follow the International School Year and run from September to mid-June. Yes we take year-round admissions.

We like our children to do a ‘trial’ for a few days (between 3 and 5) so they get a flavour of the school. It’s also gives the teachers a chance to assess the kids in the classroom, as well as looking at their previous reports. Then we talk to the parents and suggest how to move things forward. Doing trials gives everyone the best real-time data possible, about whether a child/parents are the right fit for the school, and vice versa.

Yes. That’s why we set up Paradise School. So people could live in Goa and have the benefit of this fantastic lifestyle and culture – yet be primed to enter the mainstream world of higher education in any place they chose, abroad of here.

Our first aim will be to set up a school to serve the South Goa area. Then let’s see!