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Lower Secondary

School has to be cool if you're going to keep up with teenagers

Children are in their double digits and becoming young adults, which is a big shift in perspective for them, so we like to keep their school life lit yet well grounded.  We treat them like people who are capable of making their own decisions, which is exciting. We fan the flames of their independent entrepreneurial spirits and let their ideas fly.

We focus on anchoring in the foundation of the IGCSE programme at this stage to equip our kids to handle the exam season yet we retain a pleasurable array of co-curricular subjects . It’s a balancing act intellectually and psychologically to handle the demands of teenagers with optimism and courage. SOLE is now a part of our culture and helps forge their identities and hone their interests (‘How to you make a million bucks off YouTube’). Kids are academically sound and aligning with Cambridge aspirations.

Secondary Subjects

This is when the seeds of the IGCSE programme are sown in. It's time to develop their choices.