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Our Campuses

Goa’s most exciting and innovative secondary school

Paradise Secondary School Moira
Welcome to Paradise IG and A Level Centre – Shaping Futures, Nurturing Specialisation
At Moira IG and A Level Centre, we’ve re-thought the educational landscape for Grades 9-12, choosing to create an environment that fosters not just academic excellence, but personal growth and independence. Since September 2022, our campus has provided a unique setting for older teenagers to thrive, learn, and prepare for the exciting journey ahead of higher education.

Our Story 
In a post-pandemic setting, we made a strategic move to bring our Senior Secondary section closer to the heart of the Parra campus. The charming Moira property, an intimate villa-style campus, in a leafy cul-de-sac glade, perfectly complements our vision.

We sought a space where students could engage in contemplative study and collaborative learning, away from the hustle and bustle of our Primary/Lower Secondary School. We also wanted our students to feel at home in every way, both architecturally and psychologically. Paradise is a familial setting built on the foundations of understanding the unique needs of our learners at this crucial stage of their education and development.

The Moira campus fulfilled our need for an intimate, personalised setting where our older learners could immerse themselves in a more mature academic environment, transitioning away from the hub-bub of our Primary/Lower Secondary School to a university-inspired culture.

We truly believe that older teenagers need their own space, not only to carve their unique identities but also to execute a major life goal of passing their IGCSE’s and A Levels well. Our aim is for them to successfully springboard from Goa to colleges in India or anywhere in the world. Paradise graduates are proving our formula works – with esteemed international college admissions, and multiple awards from Cambridge International for their top-scoring results in the country.

Out the back, we have a half-court for basketball or badminton (a particular passion in Moira) as well as a fully equipped Science Lab for Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Sciences. Maths and Physics have a separate and dedicated hall with TVs, scientific apparatus, and most importantly glass tables for scribbling and writing formulas on. All our furniture is bespoke and good-looking. A sense of style is so important for our young learners!

There are a handful of tutorial-like classrooms for a capacity of 8 learners and then larger common spaces for shared activities or socialising. All our bathrooms are separate and individual, not communal. It is a secure and safe property with CCTV throughout.

All in all, Moira is the perfect campus for introducing our students to the signature of university life – that is, a learning community harnessed by self-study, intellectual discussion, specialised subjects, and fun times together.

What makes our Campus Special
An Intimate Setting: Moira offers an intimate and personalised setting, recognising the unique needs of older teenagers.

 Individualised Learning Spaces: Our tutorial-like classrooms accommodate up to 8 learners, fostering focused attention and engagement.

 Common Spaces: Larger common areas facilitate shared activities and socialising, promoting a sense of community.

Secure and Safe: CCTV throughout the property ensures a secure and safe learning environment. Single bathrooms for privacy and safety.

Specialised Facilities: Moira hosts a half-court for basketball or badminton, a fully equipped Science Lab for Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Sciences, and dedicated halls for Maths and Physics.

 Bespoke Furniture: Our stylish and bespoke furniture enhances the overall aesthetic, creating an environment that values form as much as function.

Environment matters! We know that creating spaces of inspiration, sanctuary, and warmth encourages learning and growth.

Academic Excellence Driven by Uniqueness
University-Style Learning at a Secondary level was pioneered by Paradise School Goa. Paradise introduces students to the signature of university life—a learning community harnessed by self-study, intellectual discussion, specialised subjects, and shared experiences. We aim to empower students to transition from Goa to colleges worldwide successfully. Our Paradise graduates are living proof, achieving remarkable international college admissions and earning national accolades from Cambridge for their outstanding results.

Personal Growth and Empowerment
Independence and Awareness is the key to our success. At Moira, we treat students not as children but as aware individuals with autonomy, self-determination, and exponential potential. We believe in equipping them to run their own lives, academic journeys and to build on their passions successfully on their own with unwavering support from our renowned faculty.

Join us at Paradise School Goa IG and A Level Centre, where education meets individuality, and where we shape futures with a commitment to excellence and personal development in a one-of-its-kind school of the future.

Casa Frangipani

We love open spaces that allow for spontaneous creative moments. That’s certainly what Casa Frangipani has brought to our table at Paradise. As you enter there is a lovely atrium where Harmeett, our Head of School sits. We have often tried to get her a private office but she wants to sit in the heart of the action. As she says ‘the Principal’s Office – is everyone’s office !’ Which basically means she’s at the centre of everything and knows how we all are. Authority is inclusive and approachable in our school. Not distant and foreboding.

Classrooms at Casa Frangipani are sunny and colourful with outdoor balconies letting in light and Goan charm. We have lightbox tables which you can write on – perfect to share formulas or jot down fast notes. We have nice nooks and corners for kids to have one-on-one’s with their teachers. The atmosphere is relaxed, but focused. Our children are bright, independent, well-mannered – and good at handling sophisticated work environments.

This is their school and they definitely enjoy the privilege.


This is our latest offering – a 2 storey former hotel with 16 rooms set in the beautiful village of Parra surrounded by fields.

We restructured the building from the inside out to remove the walls to create instead glass corridors with lovely, airy and naturally cool classrooms. The ground floor is Foundation and Lower Primary; the first floor is Upper Primary and the second floor, Lower Secondary. So each section of the school has its own space with differently designed furniture particular to that age group.

Our school is creamy and pale, offset with rainbows, which is our theme – how light can refract into the full spectrum of colours. Something so beautiful and poetic about this thought. It represents our power and potential so well, to become everything from nothing. Just got to catch the light right.

We have a perspex rainbow ceiling in our SOLE Room and onyx tables for our iMacs. This is where we go on our voyages of discovery so it has to be magic. In our Art Room/Recreation Room we have a rainbow lady and a visual representation of all the colours in our mind. And on the ground floor for Primary, we have rainbow cranes flying overhead.

Coming up for 2022-2023 we are bringing in our Science Lab in a container, plus a Makerspace in the outside shed. We are planting grass over the monsoon so we can put in climbing frames for our Foundation learners at the side of the building. There’s a football pitch and half basketball court so plenty of space for children to run around. Also patches of garden where they can grow their veggies. We look forward to our kids growing their own lunch.

The Start of Paradise School - Aurelia, Aldona (2016 - 2020)

We are lovers of all things well designed at Paradise, which is why we have such beautiful campuses.

Our first building Aurelia was a 400 year old exquisitely restored Indo-Portuguese mansion in Aldona with a large swimming pool and lovely grounds – a true delight for the senses. Our children felt elevated the minute they walked in the premises, a very magical place indeed. It was nicknamed a ‘Digital Hogwarts’.

Having a heritage building nestled in a remote Goan village presented its own problems. As we are believers in the internet and its capability to transform educational practice, our biggest hurdle was getting high-speed wifi fitted into the two wings of the school. We managed to do this by laying fibre optic cable outside the whole structure, feeding into each classroom and reception space. Despite foot-thick stone walls and a sprawling building on two floors, we managed it. Our internet was flawless.

All the furniture in the school is designed in-house. We make the desks modern and moveable. The shapes tessellate into different formations, depending on what the children want to do. The patterns they come up with for their classrooms is breathtaking in its imagination. Just when we think we have seen every formation they come up with a new one. Having dynamic classrooms really sums us up. We don’t want children to sit in lines facing the blackboard or teacher. We want them to innovate, create circles of collaboration, working groups of two or three – or breakout into the SOLE Room if they choose to deep-dive or explore more. Our minds aren’t still. Why should our furniture be.