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Kids are happy and natural learners. We like to keep them that way

You don’t have to force children to learn. They do it spontaneously all by themselves; we just have to tune into their process. Because we are small and boutique, we can give children the individualised attention they need to become incredible and efficient self-organised learners. Their journey at Paradise starts here. 

This golden age of childhood should not be squandered fitting into a system. We keep learning real, engaged, dynamic and fun. Our teachers work hands-on and creatively with children to come up with authentic classroom experiences.

The Cambridge framework for learning is gently instilled now so the children have a framework on which to build. We bring SOLE into the mix for ALL their questions (little ones like to ask the grand existential questions eg ‘What is Time ?’ ‘Are we Real ?’). Paradise Primary is bursting with curiosity, confidence and the joy of learning. It doesn’t feel ‘like school’. It feels like theirs.

Primary Subjects

We have wide-ranging subjects at Primary covering the Cambridge syllabus, plus we have our own subjects.