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The results are in for the academic year 2022-2023, and Paradise School Goa is celebrating an impressive achievement!

With a strong commitment to innovative education and an unwavering dedication to nurturing individuality, Paradise School has once again secured its position as one of the top schools in Goa.

From Grades A Star (A*) to C, Paradise School has delivered exceptional outcomes across various levels of education:

IGCSE = 100%
AS and A Levels = 73%

These remarkable figures reflect the students’ hard work and determination and the school’s unique approach to education that sets it apart from the rest.

Pioneering Methodology and Visionary Subjects

In the face of the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Paradise School displayed resilience and adaptability. In March 2020, shortly after the lockdown, the school embraced the A Level program to continue supporting the educational journey of its older students. This decision showcased the school’s commitment to its learners, regardless of external circumstances.

What truly distinguishes Paradise School is its commitment to offering cutting-edge subjects that prepare students for the world of tomorrow. The introduction of Marine Science, Digital Media, and Design at A Level, and Enterprise at IGCSE, puts Paradise School ahead of the curve. Few Cambridge Schools in India have taken on these subjects, making Paradise School a pioneer in this regard. By incorporating these subjects, the school ensures that its students are equipped with knowledge and skills that are not only relevant but essential in the modern landscape. Paradise School Goa has emerged as a top Secondary School in Goa and discerning parents who wish to empower their children through our unique approach are moving from the mainstream to the modern with resounding confidence in our results and outcomes.

Pedagogy That Inspires Authentic Learning

The success of Paradise School’s students can be attributed to its unique pedagogical approach. The school’s teaching methodology, SOLE (Self-Organized Learning Environment), carefully mapped to the Cambridge curriculum, fosters engaged and authentic learning experiences. Unlike traditional rote-based learning, Paradise School focuses on cultivating a genuine love for learning. Students aren’t just studying to pass exams; they’re actively involved in their education, exploring topics that resonate with their interests and passions.

Fostering Independent Thinkers

At Paradise School Goa, the focus isn’t on producing cookie-cutter students. Instead, they aim to nurture independent thinkers who embrace challenges with self-determination and confidence. Their approach to education is a refreshing departure from conformity. It’s about empowering students to be themselves and empowering them to scale the heights they set for themselves. Our School Founder Shilpa Mehta reflects on the methodology that has inspired the students to reach these new heights

Education is only valuable if rooted in genuine learning

Memorization and conformity to the system fall short of true education. Paradise School’s mission is to mold independent thinkers who approach challenges with confidence and self-determination. Our school nurtures young minds who are empowered to express themselves and pursue their own aspirations.

Students of the Future Prepared for Tomorrow’s World

The kind of students Paradise School is nurturing aligns seamlessly with the demands of today’s universities and modern employers. The school’s emphasis on critical thinking, digital literacy, innovation, and self-directed learning equips its graduates with skills that transcend the boundaries of traditional education. In an age where originality and adaptability are highly valued, Paradise School’s students are well-positioned to excel.

As the results for the 2022-2023 academic year demonstrate, Paradise School Goa is not just a school; it’s a hub of transformative education. By combining pioneering subjects, an innovative pedagogical approach, and a commitment to fostering independent thinkers, Paradise School is preparing its students to not only face the challenges of tomorrow but to shape and lead the world of the future.

Congratulations to all of the students and teachers at Paradise on these outstanding results!