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For parents seeking an educational haven that understands and caters to the distinctive needs of both Primary and Secondary learners in Goa, Paradise School stands out as a unique and unparalleled choice.

As the only school in Goa to offer separate, dedicated campuses for each student demographic, we take pride in crafting environments that resonate with the specific requirements of these pivotal life stages.

What are the benefits of two campuses? At Paradise School, we recognize and honor the individuality of Primary and Secondary learners, acknowledging that each stage demands a tailored approach to foster optimal growth and development. Our Parra Primary and Lower Secondary Campus is purposefully designed to immerse our learners in a world of vibrant colors, boundless creativity, and self-expression. It’s more than just a school; it’s a nurturing space where children flourish in an environment crafted to meet the unique needs of their formative years.

On the other hand, our Moira IGCSE and A-level Campus (10th and 12th) caters to the distinct needs of our older teenage students, providing them with an intimate and personalized setting that aligns with their journey through adolescence. This campus is not merely a school; it’s a safe sanctuary designed to guide teens through a crucial stage of life. As well as their own campus, they are supported by a young and dynamic faculty who understand their challenges and can help them to make positive choices, academically and emotionally.  With this level of support, Paradise IG and A Level learners thrive during this transformative period.

In essence, Paradise School Goa is committed to offering more than just archetypal school real estate—it’s about providing immersive and supportive spaces that propel students seamlessly from the lively world of Primary to the insightful space of Secondary education.

Take a journey with us, through one tailored campus at a time in this blog:

Paradise Primary and Lower Secondary at Parra: A World of Colorful Learning

Step into the lively world of Paradise Primary and Lower Secondary at Parra, where education transcends traditional norms. Renowned for its creative design, this vibrant campus caters to students aged 4-14 years old, offering a dynamic space for discovery, learning, and play.

Our primary campus is more than a place of learning; it’s a home that embraces our vision of providing a communal sanctuary for our young learners. Tailored spaces, from colorful classrooms to well-equipped labs, music rooms, libraries, art studios, and computer labs, encourage holistic growth. Renowned for being one of the best schools in Goa, our Parra Campus is an intimate and boutique expression of our founding vision.

As you drive down the quiet road in Parra, where our Campus is located, you will hear our school before you see it! Paradise Primary and Lower Secondary is a hub of energy that reflects our commitment to nurturing each child’s individuality, freedom to be, and growth.

Paradise Secondary at Moira: Shaping Future Leaders and Innovators

Beyond the lively energy of Parra lies Paradise IGCSE and A Level Centre at Moira, a hub of tranquility designed for ages 14-18. Moira isn’t just a campus; it’s an incubator for future leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

Our methodology, campus, and philosophy redefine secondary education, bringing students into the realm of university life. Moira is a dedicated space away from the bustle of the Primary Campus, providing an intimate and personalized setting for teens to immerse themselves in a more mature learning environment.

Initiating the Journey with the Destination in Mind

Our Paradise IG and A Level Centre was envisioned with the destination as the starting point. Pioneering university-style learning at the secondary level in Goa, we immerse students in the realm of university life—a vibrant learning community fostered by self-study, intellectual discourse, specialized subjects, and shared experiences.

Preparing for Higher Education: Our unique offering of A Level Cambridge subjects includes Marine Science, Digital Media and Design, Design Technology, Art and Design, Psychology, Sociology, Business, Economics, Computer Science, Physics, Maths, and English Language. Our goal is to equip students with the skills and mindset to seamlessly transition from Goa to universities worldwide.

Students at Moira enjoy high levels of personal responsibility and benefit from tutorial-like classrooms, fostering intimate learning environments and personalized attention. The outstanding faculty provides unparalleled expert knowledge, guiding students on their academic and life journeys. With a maximum of 8 students per class, our methodology creates an environment for award-winning success.

Moira transcends the traditional school model; it’s a space where students receive mentorship that extends beyond the confines of a typical classroom. The campus was crafted to create a space that fosters creativity and innovation.

The success stories of our Paradise graduates speak volumes, showcasing outstanding international college admissions and scholarships. We are one of the top 3 schools in Goa, both at Primary and Secondary levels because we stand by our groundbreaking vision. Multiple awards from Cambridge for exceptional results are a testament to the transformative education provided. Would you like to visit Paradise School Goa? We would be delighted to welcome you for a tour of either or both of our campuses and also for a trial at the school if it aligns with your child’s values.  You can book a school tour, or connect with our Admissions Officer Alika here