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When it comes to choosing the right school for your child in Goa, the location plays a crucial role in that decision.  Location matters for families who want their children to experience ease of access and to ensure their commute to school doesn’t leave them at a disadvantage.

As demand for places at our school saw us expanding to a new dedicated location for our Primary Learners, we had our hearts set on finding an area for our school that could serve families from all corners of Goa. We knew that north and south, east and west, there was a strong desire from families to become part of the Paradise family!  We sourced a location that is accessible, peaceful, and central to all points of Goa.

At Paradise, we take pride in being recognized as one of the top schools in Goa, offering an award-winning educational experience, an outstanding faculty of teachers, a pioneering and proven methodology, and a centrally located and accessible campus that is an ideal environment for children’s growth.

Our Convenient Campus:

Our Primary and Lower Secondary Campus is strategically located to serve families from all over Goa. Situated on a tranquil road in Parra, our school is surrounded by lush coconut trees and picturesque fields, creating a serene atmosphere that nurtures young minds.

Accessibility at Its Best:

What sets us apart is our unmatched accessibility. We are a mere 5 minutes away from Assagao and Anjuna, 15 minutes from Siolim, and just a short 10-minute drive from Mapusa. This means that no matter where you reside in Goa, our school is within easy reach. Our students come from both the southern and northern regions of Goa, creating a diverse and dynamic learning community.

Proximity to the Best of Goa:

One of the key advantages of our location is our proximity to some of the most popular residential areas for families in Goa. We are just 25 minutes away from the beaches of North Goa. On the other hand, we’re also 25 minutes from the capital city of Goa, Panjim. This close proximity to both the natural beauty of Goa’s coastline and the heart of the state ensures a well-rounded education for our students.

Community Collaboration:

At Paradise, we believe in fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Many of our parents carpool or use private bus services to bring their children to school, creating a shared sense of responsibility and reducing the environmental footprint. Additionally, our parents often team up to share transportation for after-school activities, such as gymnastics, dance, soccer, martial arts, and music lessons in the local area. This collaborative spirit adds a unique dimension to the school experience, where parents and students alike bond over shared interests and goals.

Experience Paradise in Person:

Are you interested in seeing why so many parents choose our school as the best choice for their children’s education in Goa? We invite you to visit our boutique campus and witness our commitment to providing top-quality education in a truly inspiring and accessible setting. Our team is more than happy to arrange a campus tour and school trial for your child.

To schedule your visit, get in touch with Alika. We look forward to showing you how Paradise can provide your child with an exceptional education experience in the heart of Goa.

In our next blog, we will be covering Campus Facilities at Paradise Goa to give you a granular look inside our school.